Nutanix AOS 6.5 – Whats New

Nutanix has updated its core software. AOS 6.5 is designed to meet power-hungry applications and databases with more performance, integrated cyber resilience, and granular snapshots and replication services.

AOS 6.5 includes NVMe tiering for Intel Optane SSD multithreaded vDisks and metadata cache rewarming. AOS 6.5 provides networking and security enhancements for encrypted data recovery (DR) and inter-cluster traffic, virtual networks for logical network isolation, visible AWS subnets from the Nutanix Cloud Manager console, and IPv6 certification. In addition, the upgraded OS includes built-in storage layer snapshots with policy-based virtual machine (VM)- or datastore-specific snapshots with low overhead.

Other new features include:

– AHV memory overcommit and VM templates;
– Enhanced resiliency monitoring;
– Capacity planning for non-Nutanix VMware ESXi clusters;
– Revised memory management and visibility;
– improved maintenance mode support.

Some nice log awaited Features.

See Release Notes for more Details here: